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Apple Mac Liquid Spill Repair London: Suffered a spill? Water, wine, beer, alcohol, tea, coffee, juice, milk – it’s a heart-breaking occurrence and can work out very costly if you don’t find a specialist who know exactly what they’re doing.

MacEmergency are pioneers in repairing accidental damage to Apple Mac laptops… we’ve been restoring Macs for years! 


We’re London’s experts in Liquid Damage Repairs for the MacBook range of Apple laptops and can help by offering a 100% free evaluation and in any worst case scenario we specialise in low cost data recovery. Get in touch to arrange dropping your beloved MacBook, MacBook Air or Macbook Pro off with us and we will determine the fault, discuss the available solutions with you then offer an accurate quote and turnaround time.

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So liquid has accidentally spilled into your MacBookWhat now?

MacEmergency, London’s accident damage repair experts, recommend the following:

1 – Immediately shut down the Mac, unplug the power adaptor switching off the mains socket first.
2 – Remove the Mac’s battery if it’s a laptop – MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.
3 – Disconnect all cables and any connected peripherals.
4 – Lay the Mac upside down on paper towels to get as much liquid as possible to drip out.
5 – Store the Mac in a warm dry environment such as an airing cupboard.
6 – Note the amount and type of liquid spilled on your Mac and if possible the location of the spill – keyboard, trackpad, under casing, display lid, etc.
7 – Immediately contact MacEmergency (Apple Mac Liquid Spill Repair London) to arrange a fast evaluative inspection and professional diagnosis – all for FREE !

Apple Mac Liquid Spill Repair London:

What not to do when a liquid spill occurs:

  • DO NOT try to start up. Liquids can help electrical current move through the components of your Mac in extremely destructive ways.
  • DO NOT shake the computer (this will only spread the liquid around).
  • DO NOT use a hair dryer to dry it out (even at a low setting a hair dryer may damage sensitive components). 

Frequently asked questions:

The chances are surprisingly good and with us they’re even better! But please keep in mind, in most cases MacBook’s will require replacement parts although we aim to resolve spillages with minimum cost to you. We have years of experience in liquid spill repairs so you know your Mac is in the right hands.

If the MacBook is fairly new it makes sense to drop it off with us for an attempt of professional cleaning. If all fails we may find that it is time to consider a new MacBook Pro, but rest assured, we will do all we can to avoid that.

Apple does not cover damage caused by spills to MacBooks or MacBook Pro’s. Accidental damage and spillages will also probably render your warranty invalid from the point of notifying Apple. Apple charge high prices to deal with accidentally damaged Macs. Our prices for liquid spill repairs are far more reasonable…

It really depends on where the spillage took place and where liquid made contact with the internal components. The tiniest amount of liquid could cause a logic board to fail. (The logic board is the main circuit board in your computer that connects every other component inside the machine.) The logic board (motherboard) of a Mac is densely crowded with many sensitive components. Liquid and electronics do not mix!

Spill dry cleaning is a time consuming process. It’s also one that is best not rushed. The better the preparation the more chance of success. Please keep in mind what is being done in the case of a spill cleaning. We probably have to fully disassemble your Mac. After that, it must be allowed to dry for at least 48 hours, preferably 72 hours. Then we inspect it further to determine what damage has occurred. With your approval we replace failed parts, reassemble and test thoroughly. Finally it will be ready to collect when we’re sure it passes all our functional tests.

Usually not. Any parts damaged by the spill cannot be traded in but occasionally we may still offer a small amount for other parts if they are completely unaffected by the liquid spillage. We’ll do our very best to help you.


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MacEmergency are experts when it comes to the repair or salvage of a crashed hard drive or non-functional SSD plus accidental damage and water damage to Apple Mac laptops…

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