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With more than 20 years experience in Apple Mac Repairs and Support for London Mac users MacEmergency’s Apple Macintosh computer repair service is simply first class. MacEmergency can diagnose your Apple Mac hard disk drive problem for free! Drop your beloved Mac off with us and we will determine the fault, discuss how to resolve it with you then offer you an accurate quote with a fast turnaround. Apple Mac Hard Drive repair and upgrade services in London. MacEmergency: Call 08448 121 999

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Advisory information on Apple Mac Hard Disk & Solid State Drive Upgrades.

Upgrading your MacBook or MacBook Pro internal hard drive is a simple way to store more documents, music, movies, applications and other files on your new Apple laptop. Hard drives (or hard disk) are large capacity storage devices which store all of your data – everything from Mac OS X to your latest iTunes music album. Fitting a larger capacity internal hard drive will allow you to store more data without having to plug in external devices. We now use computers to store so much information: photos, music, documents, movie. Over time the accumulation of these files may cause your hard drive to become get full.

Upgrading the hard drive (or hard disk) to an SSD provides you with more storage space for your files.

This can also avoid you MacBook or MacBook Pro laptop from suffering slow responsiveness, data errors and other performance related problems that can occur when your hard drive starts to get full. If you have a desktop such as a Mac Pro workstation a new hard drive can be added next to the existing one – in fact an old model Mac Pro can accept 4 hard disk drives in total. If you use an Apple Mac laptop the hard drive has to be replaced as laptops can accept only the one hard drive.

It’s generally recommended that you keep a minimum of 10% space free to alleviate such issues – we advise 10%. If you’re running out of disk space, it’s time to contact us to arrange a hard disk drive upgrade! If you decide to replace your existing hard drive, but don’t want to lose all your data? We can help!

Simply choose to upgrade or replace your existing hard drive with is we’ll ensure no data will be lost as we can perform a data clean up service as well as a complete data cloning of your existing hard drive to the new replacement or upgrade.

We can clone your old hard drive to a new one, preserving your operating system, applications and data. We offer an effortless way to expand your Mac’s storage capacity. This service is only valid when bought with one of the hard drive installation services listed below and an internal hard drive.

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