Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs page is intended to help you find answers to some of the questions we get asked the most. If you still need assistance please don’t hesitate to phone or send a message and one of our friendly team members will answer your queries.


frequently asked questions

Do you provide a No Fix, No Fee promise?

Yes we do. Although it’s extremely rare for us not to resolve Mac problems.

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Do you have a minimum charge?

Put simply, No.

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How much will the repair cost?

It’s impossible to offer an accurate quote without inspecting your Mac, troubleshooting and getting to the root cause. This is why we always offer a free diagnostic evaluation service.

This service allows us to determine what’s wrong, how much work is needed to resolve the problem and of course what the cost will be.

Get your Mac booked in with our friendly team of Mac experts and we’ll get your Mac back on track.

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100% FREE – No fee before, no fee after.

If you wish not to proceed with a quote you get your Mac back and there is still no fee.

We were the first Mac specialists in London to offer this service.

Get in touch and find out why we are

“Often Copied, Never Equalled for Service or Price”

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Would I be better off going to an Apple Store?

How patient are you?! We pride ourselves on being independent and offer a friendly, local Mac support service that is faster and cheaper than the competition – including the Apple Store. In fact Mac users are often advised by a Genius to visit MacEmergency instead – especially for liquid spill repairs and data recovery. Your appointment with us is on a 121 basis and we give the best impartial advice at all times. We’re here to help you so contact us today and receive special attention by our team.

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You’re too far from me so can you collect my Mac?

We can collect your Mac in and around London within hours and within 24 hours from anywhere across the UK. Your Mac can be insured during transit for a small fee and it is also tracked.

Contact us for full details

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I spilled liquid on my MacBook, can you fix it?

Of course! We specialise in liquid damage repairs and have a very high success rate in recovering data too!

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What guarantee do you offer?

We offer industry standard warranty terms just like the Apple Store:

3 months RTB warranty on ALL our repairs unless otherwise stated.

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I have important data on my MacBook but I want to ship it for repair, what should I do?

Please ensure you take a backup of your data before shipping your Mac to us. We cannot be held responsible for your files and/or software.

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Can I arrange a home visit?

Most of our work is performed in-house although in some cases we are able to arrange a site visit.

Contact our team now and discuss your requirements.

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Do you also repair Windows PC’s?

We certainly do, although our PC specialist is only available twice a week so call us and have a chat. We can always offer you expert PC and Windows help.

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